Q1 2019 Newsletter

Lots has happened in 2019 thus far and there’s more to come! Here’s a summary of the first quarter of tech improvements, updates and community development.

Engineering Updates:

Always check our GitHub for the newest release notes!

Check out our awesome new online book written by our CTO, Greg Fitzgerald: Solana: Blockchain Rebuilt for Scale

Major Features & Improvements:

  • Validator Script (Alpha)
  • DEX Demo
  • Custom Solana block explorer (Alpha)
  • Beacons release
  • Deploy beta testnet with 100 nodes across AWS and GCP
  • Support for configuring testnet nodes across multiple cloud services
  • Enable leader rotation in beta testnet
  • Multi-region cloud testnet
  • Fullnodes now use stake weights to take turns producing new blocks
  • Preview release of Rust programs compiled to BPF bytecode and running on chain
  • Tic-tac-toe on-chain games now funded using an off-chain Ethereum-style faucet
  • Transaction format extended to support single transaction multisig
  • SDK now includes a fork of the LLVM compiler toolchain that includes an enhanced BPF backend
  • On-chain C programs can now return structs and pass them across translation units
  • Validators now do Proof of History verification
  • Banking code restructured to track multiple forks (though fork selection and rollback not yet implemented)
  • Lots of progress to replicator nodes (though not yet integrated into the data plane)
  • Migrate codebase to Rust 2018
  • Upgraded GPU code to CUDA 10.0
  • Budget programing language for simple smart contracts
  • Parallel verification for transactions
  • Banking and account tracking
  • Proof of History interactive historian and verification

What’s Next?

Upcoming Product Improvements:

  • Voting
  • Slashing
  • Block Explorer improvements
  • Multi layer data propagation
  • Stable testnet launch

Reading list:

Recent Events and Media:

Meetup at Solana’s Office in San FranciscoMeetup at Solana’s Office in San Francisco

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