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Meet our new LAMPORT Smart Contract Engine:
In this release (v0.8 — Windansea), we introduce the LAMPORT smart contract engine, our biggest innovation since Avalanche replication. With LAMPORT (Language-Agnostic, Memory-oriented, Parallel-friendly, Optimized Run-Time), we can execute smart contracts concurrently, and written in the client’s choice of programming language. Furthermore, we demonstrate Solana’s built-in smart contract language Budget can target LAMPORT without any loss in performance. The two features that allow LAMPORT to work:

  • Client-owned memory identified by public keys. By declaring ownership upfront and separating the program’s state from the program, the runtime knows which contracts can safely be executed concurrently.
  • Solana’s blockchain-encoded VDF tells validator nodes at precisely what times they need to end up in the same state. Between those times, they are free to introduce non-deterministic behavior as-needed to improve execution times.

Major Features & Improvements:

  • Initial support for web-based clients via JsonRPC
  • Accounts with state: forms the basis for Solana’s smart contracts engine
  • Dynamic testnet deployment for Google Cloud SDK — run your own testnet!
  • 20% performance improvement over v0.7 in transactions per second
  • Improved metrics and network monitoring
  • Simpler and more robust rendezvous with gossip
  • Simpler and more consistent CLI interfaces

What’s Next?

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