Solana’s Community Token Sale is Now LIVE!

These are uncertain times. We’ve taken every measure to ensure our team’s health and safety, and to navigate market volatility. After assessing community interest and root causes for recent market volatility, we believe this is a critical time for crypto infrastructure to be improved. With this in mind, we are going forward with plans to launch the SOL token. We have also structured a 90% price guarantee to protect from market volatility. Please visit the Coinlist auction page to learn more about this guarantee.

Since our latest update, Solana shipped version 1.0, announced several major projects integrating in 2020, started the Tour de SOL incentivized testnet, overhauled its brand, and interviewed a slew of heavy-hitters for the No Sharding podcast. Especially given recent market failures, the need for a high-performance layer 1 protocol is greater than ever.

Token Sale Bidding Starts Today (90% Price Guarantee for 12 months)

After two long years, the token sale is now open. We’re including a price guarantee for the auction price, redeemable at any time for 12 months. Non-US residents only, additional jurisdictional restrictions apply.

Early bidding IS NOW LIVE and the auction will run from 10 PM PST on March 23 2020 until 4 AM PST on March 24 2020. The starting price is $4/token. The reserve price (i.e., price floor) is $0.04/token.

Along with this auction, we’re announcing several partnerships including:

  • Chainlink (decentralized data oracle)
  • DDEX (largest decentralized exchange in China)
  • Akash Network (marketplace for unused compute cycles)
  • Civic (blockchain-based identity provider)
  • Hummingbot (decentralized liquidity provider)

With plenty more partnerships to be announced over the next 6 months. See the Coinlist page for more information.

Solana 1.0: Record-Setting Performance with Stable Smart Contracts

The first line of Solana’s code was written two years ago. Anatoly had an idea for a trustless clock and Greg itched for an excuse to build something in Rust — something big. And so, Proof of History was brought to life: d23fda1. It was tiny. It seemed almost insignificant at the time. But our friends at Qualcomm, Intel, and Apple understood, in distributed systems a reliable clock radically simplifies everything.

The Solana engineering team assembled Proof of History to synchronize nodes every 400ms where others took minutes or hours. It created Sealevel to parallelize transaction processing where others processed just one at a time. It wrote Turbine to keep the cluster permissionless where others chose to centralize. It wrote Cloudbreak to scale to millions of accounts where others chose to charge more for memory that was thought to be scarce.

Solana built the first web-scale blockchain, and is happy to announce the launch of 1.0, marked stable en route to mainnet with 50 nodes, 59,490 average TPS, 190,898 max TPS, 400ms block times, and 10.4s confirmation times. See the release notes here.

Rebranded Website, Translated for a Global Audience

The main changes were to the logo mark, abstract illustration set, and colors. The marine colors and slightly shell-like patterns that emerge from the gradients and illustrations also subtly reflect the project’s namesake, Solana Beach in San Diego. This was an exciting 1-week sprint. More importantly, the site and blog are now translated into Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and Japanese. To contribute to translations and earn rewards, join the Solana Collective. To see the hard work for yourself, visit the website!